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feinstoff#design Popup in september

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The design-products at feinstoff

Here you can find a brief introduction to the designers and their products:

Information zu den Ausstellerinnen 


               --------      and more   --------

Austellerinfo feinstoff

Even more information and the quickest way to the designers:


Aida Schindler |
Barbara Holcmann |
Cassandra Bahreman |
Edith Langer |
Evelyn Rillé | fb evelyn rillé designerbrillen
ille-olla |
Katharina Stöhr |
Mariane Reich |
Stefanie Klausegger |
Susanne Gstettner |

We are looking forward seeing you!

feinstoff#design Popup

am 17.-19.09.2020,

in der Gumpendorferstraße 23, 1060 Wien


Great importance is attached to sufficient distance, fresh air and the health of all of us!

See you!


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