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Here you will always find new information that is of concern to either me or my environment.
I was asked a lot of questions, such as
"What is organic actually?", "Where do your fabrics come from?", "What? You print and draw the patterns yourself? How does screen printing work?" and and and …
I am always happy about the interest in my products, only sometimes I cannot fully answer the questions asked. In this blog, I would like to satisfy your (and my) thirst for knowledge and share my research and experience in what is a relatively new industry for me.
Since I'm basically a career changer, there are also many interesting topics and techniques for me about fabrics, sewing, art and design and maybe even more.
In any case, I am very happy about your suggestions and feedback and hope that there are some eye-opening experiences or just exciting information.

I hope you enjoy reading

musterAG - the patterndesigner
Cassandra Bahreman, January 10, 2020

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