Screenprinting on fabrics

Screenprinting on fabrics
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Hand-printed fabrics very individual and creative.

1 design, 1 sieve, enough fabric and off you go!
Now all that is missing is the color, the inspiration and the desire and mood to give the endless fabrics a new look.
After a long screen printing day, there are about 25 meters of new material in the range. An organic summer sweat print in black and a biojersey fabric in blue-gray and off-white were printed.
Over the black summer sweat crawl now some geckos criss-cross and look for their way.
The Biojersey's were embellished with the design "spiral flower" and design "sample world" and "illustration".
I'm curious to see what fashion gadgets are made of these fabrics.

I am already looking forward to the next print day!
Greetings Cassandra