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Shop online for printed DIY fabrics. Natural fabrics such as jersey, sweat, silk & organic fabrics now at musterag.com – order the pattern workshop

Whether you're a sewing enthusiast, a designer, or just looking for quality fabrics for your next DIY project, it's important to know what types of fabrics exist and which ones work best for your needs. Here in my online shop you will find a fine selection of patterned and printed DIY fabrics for your projects. The selected fabrics, mostly cotton, jersey, sweat and silk, are always printed with a special textile design. Each design has been designed or drawn by musterAG-die musterwerkstatt. The printing is done digitally (with partners from the region, EU) or by manual screen printing as well as freestyle (painted, stamped, airbrushed). Depending on the firmness and texture of the fabric, the types of fabric are suitable for clothing, accessories, for the living area and upholstering pieces of furniture.

Jersey fabric & sweat fabric - pleasantly light & ideal for many types of clothing

Jersey or sweat fabrics are mostly made of cotton or a combination of cotton and a small amount of elastane, which gives the fabric a little more stretch. Jersey fabrics feel very soft and are comfortable to wear. The sweat fabric is also roughened on the inside, which makes it feel fluffy and warm. We tend to use slightly roughened sweat fabrics, which are also known as summer sweat. Our printed jersey and sweat fabrics are largely organic and some are GOTS certified. The jersey or sweat fabric is ideal for making garments such as T-shirts, trousers, skirts and dresses or sweaters. Jersey fabrics are easy to care for and machine washable.

Cotton fabric: from a light scarf to a strong upholstery fabric

Cotton fabric is probably one of the most commonly used types of fabric. Depending on the thickness of the cotton fabric, there is a very wide range of uses. It ranges from very light accessories, such as fine scarves or light batiste blouses to all kinds of clothing and home textiles. In our range you will find the fabric MOEBEL, a very tightly woven canvas cotton fabric that is very well suited as upholstery fabric.

Discover organic fabrics online at musterAG

Organic fabrics are made from natural and environmentally friendly materials and consist of cotton, hemp, linen, modal or tencel, for example. The organic fabrics are not only more sustainable in production, but also particularly pleasant on the skin and more breathable than synthetic fabrics. Organic fabrics are organically produced, meaning they are made without the use of pesticides or artificial fertilizers. Organic production not only benefits the quality of the fabric, but also has a positive impact on people and the environment. The resources, e.g. through lower water consumption, are used more sustainably. We work almost exclusively with family-run businesses in the region. This avoids long transport routes, which has a positive effect on lower CO2 consumption.

Silk fabrics - with creative designs for individual DIY collections

Silk is also a natural substance that is obtained from the threads of the silkworm cocoon. Fabrics made from silk are very soft and smooth and are perfect for designing garments such as exclusive blouses, delicate scarves and nightwear. Silk fabrics are very delicate and must be treated with care to preserve their beauty.

With creative designs - fabrics made of silk & jersey with screen printing and digital printing

Our fabrics, be it silk, cotton, jersey or sweat, have specially designed patterns. The special design print makes the fabrics special and allows unique creations for garments and more. With our creative print fabrics, you now have the opportunity to produce great one-of-a-kind and particularly individual pieces of clothing. The designs are 100% hand drawn and different types of prints are applied to our jersey, silk and sweat fabrics. For example, we use digital printing for repeat patterns and high-quality screen printing for manual printing. Some of our fabrics are also finished using stamp printing, airbrushing or freestyle.

Order our hand-drawn unique fabrics now, which we only print in small quantities in various types of printing. Creative DIY fabrics are the best basis for unique and tailor-made garments!

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