Printed t-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts & blouses

Washing advice: Before washing turn the printed article always on the left side (printed side is inside).

You can wash the articles with 40°C, do not tumble or only tumble light, do not squeeze.

Ironing: Please iron on the left side of the shirt or give a fabric on top of the printed Surface. Never iron directly on the printed area. 


We recommend to wash the printed article before the first wearing! Because of the completely harmless chemical residues, it can come to chemical reactions particularly with UV-influence, when the article  was wearn before washing it. 


Washing advice: The temperature depends on the kind of your fabric. Normally the fabric can be washed with 60°C.

With very light draperies or Jersey we recommend the washing with 40°C.

Ironing: Please choose the recommended temperature for your kind of drapery.   

If there are further questions, do not hesitate to contact us under or via the contact side.