Care instructions for printed t-shirts, sweatshirts, blouses & shirts


Washing instructions:

Preferably turn printed items inside out (printed side inside) before washing.

Wash the item with 40°C laundry, do not spin or only spin lightly, never wring it out and do not put in the dryer .



Please iron from left or place a cloth over the print and iron. Never iron directly on the printed surface.



We would like to point out and recommend that every textile item made of cotton should be washed before wearing it for the first time! Due to the completely harmless chemical residues in textiles, chemical reactions can occur between body sweat and the residues if they are worn immediately and unwashed, especially under UV influence.

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Care instructions for fabrics


Washing instructions:

The washing temperature depends very much on the fabric in question.

In As a rule, cotton or linen fabrics can be washed up to 60°C.

For very light cotton fabrics and jersey, we recommend washing at 40°C.

For silk or delicate fabrics such as modal, cashmere and possibly also viscose, please note the separate care instructions forhand washing.

No dryer.


Please select the recommended temperature for your fabric type.

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Care instructions for silk and fine fabrics such as modal, cashmere etc.

To clean silk, hand wash or dry cleaning is suitable.

Hand washing instructions:


Please wash the silk fabric, silk scarf or fine fabric in cold to max. lukewarm water.< /span>

As a detergent, please use a silk detergent or a mild detergent specifically labeled for silk (ph -neutral, without added bleach). Add a few drops of silk detergent to the water prepared in a bowl or hand basin.

! Wool detergents or fabric softeners are not suitable!

Place the silk or delicate fabric in the lye for 2 to max. 3 minutes and carefully move the fabric back and forth in the water.

After washing, carefully rinse the fabric with cold water so that there are no more detergent residues in the fabric.


After washing, gently squeeze the silk fabric however never wring. It's best to roll the fabric in a dry towel to remove most of the moisture.

Pull the still damp fabric into shape a little and ideally dry lying flat.

Avoid direct sun.


Set the iron to the 1st-2nd. Set level.

For ironing, we recommend placing a damp cloth on the fabric and ironing it.