About us

Our company

Our focus is design!

Whether illustrations, pattern or paintings, each design is 100% drawn by hand 

Our intention is, to offer you best products, which are produced with fairness for environment and menkind. We select and produce the articles in this sense.  

We produce only a few items and want to offer unique products. Because we are a small company, we are able to realize individual wishes. 

Our sortiment grows slowly but permanent. To inform yourself in time about our new designs, projects etc., we provide you to sign in to our newsletter. You find the function on the bottom of our website. We hope, we can welcome you.

If you have questions please contact us under: info@musterAG.at

Our Team

Right now the team consists mainly of myself, Cassandra Bahreman-Schock.

I was Born in 1967 in Boston, I am a proud mother of a daughter and married. After living in different places like USA, Oberösterreich, Salzburg and Vienna, I am now living in Niederösterreich/Austria.

I studied architecture at TU Vienna and then commercial & marketing at the WU Vienna. Since many years I am working for a large media agency in Vienna.

Because I am creative since childhood and grew up in a family business world, I made my dream come true and started this business in 2013.

I like to draw all kinds of pattern since I was young. In the beginning I was inspired by my creative father and later on I was looking for an expression of different challenges and finally found it in drawing and painting. I used to paint with oil, pencil or in airbrush technique. Whatever I used, there always were patterns with ink included.   

I am fascinated by patterns, because the field is unlimited and every new form builds a new aspect in the developed harmony.


"Patterns are chaotic, 

the interaction is harmony"