Silk scarves and other hand-sewn light scarves as an exclusive gift.


Unique designs on fine fabrics

Made of silk, cashmere, modal with creations from Austria

These light and fine fabrics printed with designs from Austria are unique. Limited number of pieces.


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Buy light scarves & other creative accessories as an exclusive gift

In ancient China, more than 5000 years ago, silk was used for the production of imperial robes. Its ultra-fine fibers are obtained from the cocoon of the silkworm. Today, exclusive scarves are made from these fibers. With us, the patternmaker (die musterwerkstatt), you can purchase silk scarves as well as other light scarves made of modal and silk or modal and cashmere or jersey and many other creative accessories. The hand-drawn motifs with which our silk scarves are printed come from Lower Austria near Vienna, just like all our accessories.

Discover lightweight scarves online

With an artistically designed scarf from our online shop, the lady feels like a queen. Our silk scarves and light scarves made of modal and cashmere are characterized by the fact that they are very light and fine and can be worn wonderfully as a fashion accessory in both winter and summer. Thanks to their fine patterns, our silk scarves and other scarves can be combined with jeans as well as with a business outfit.

Hand-sewn silk scarves and scarves made of modal and cashmere or jersey as a must-have of the season

With us you will find a small hand-designed selection to buy your new favorite scarf. Light scarves are the ideal summer accessory and a design scarf as an exclusive gift strengthens friendships and partnerships. Give your wardrobe a fresh touch with a designer scarf in turquoise. A beige scarf, on the other hand, can be easily harmonized with other styles due to its reluctance and it also goes perfectly with elegant evening wear. Creatively printed scarves and loops made of jersey round off the exclusive range of the musterwerkstatt.

Buy a design scarf & set fashionable accents

Silk scarves and scarves made of cashmere and modal are important accessories that round off an outfit and give it that certain something. Especially if it is one of our unique pieces. Our scarves can be worn casually as an accessory by draping their ends loosely around the neck. You can also muster up the courage to soften the dress code and tie the silk scarves into a lady's tie or other wrapping techniques.

Wash design scarves properly

When you receive a lightweight scarf as an exclusive gift or buy a scarf yourself, proper care is of course very important. Silk scarves should only be hand washed in lukewarm water. Use a special silk detergent for this and foam it up a little in your hands. Then gently massage the foam into your scarf. Then it only has to be washed out thoroughly with lukewarm water. A silk scarf or every light scarf should never be wrung out, so hang it up to dry while dripping wet.

Silk scarves are absolutely suitable for everyday use

Whether at home or in the office, a light scarf is always appropriate. Our scarves and accessories in the online shop are good companions for all weather conditions. On sunny days you can simply wrap the light scarf around your head. On cooler days, our creative scarves or loops made of printed jersey will keep you warm.

Therefore, a scarf as an exclusive gift is always a wonderful idea!

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